Remain calm – PET PEEVES ahead

I’d dare say there’s a single person on the planet who doesn’t have at least one pet peeve.  Me, I have several.

Number one on the list, spitting.  It’s not just the act of spitting, it’s the fact that people will spit absolutely anywhere.  I most certainly do not want this to come off as man bashing, but good grief, guys really do spit A LOT!

Several, certainly not all, of the men I know will arbitrarily spit when they’re talking in a group of people.  They’ll spit in the driveway, on the sidewalk, anywhere, and worst yet, it does not seem to bother them.  For the outsider, it almost resembles some sort of odd male-bonding ritual.  My only recourse for this pet peeve is to walk away, stepping carefully to avoid the spit.

Here are a couple from the female side of the house, along with my way of dealing with them.

Some women, again, not all, put makeup on in their cars, not only in their cars, but while driving down the road.  First off, women who do this are giving ALL women a bad name.  Let’s face it, paying more attention to your makeup than the road is just plain stupid and extremely dangerous. Secretly, I hope they stab their eyes with the mascara stick or end up with smear of lipstick on their face.

Surely this one is on everyone’s list.  Why exactly would someone go to a public restroom, yes to use it, and call someone on their cell phone?  On a daily basis, I hear women chatting away with friends, making appointments, arguing with whatever public entity has wronged them, and a myriad of other conversations.  This one completely baffles me.  Perhaps whomever these women are talking to don’t mind or maybe can’t hear the obvious bathroom noises.  I don’t know.  I do know that I have a bit of a mean streak and will flush the toilet numerous times, just to give them an idea.

Whatever your pet peeves may be, remember there’s always a way to amuse yourself and remain calm through the agony of dealing with them.

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  1. I enjoyed your blog on pet peeves. I played baseball in high school and well into my 50’s. The one thing I could not understand was why baseball players spit so much. It is the one sport where you will see a grown man spit on many, many occasions during a ballgame. It makes me wonder if they ever get dehydrated by losing all those body fluids. And, do they spit when they’re at home, working in the yard, or washing their car, or cooking on the grill. I don’t get it. I was never a spitter in all the years I’ve played baseball.

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