Fear of…


I try to not let fear rule my life, but like everyone else, there are certain things I fear.  Spiders and heights top the list.  But really, people SHOULD fear spiders!!

This blog however, is not about heights or spiders, it’s about travel and what makes some people love it and others hate it.  Is it fear that prevents some people from traveling?

I am one of the lovers of travel.  Anywhere, anytime, with or without someone else, it doesn’t matter, as long as I’m traveling.  I’ve been places that others wouldn’t go because of fear.  Watts Towers, in South Central LA comes to mind.

You may remember Watts as the site of the infamous 1965 Los Angeles riots, vicious turf wars between two rival gangs, the Crips and Bloods, and the starting point of the 1992 LA riots.  Now a predominately African-American and Hispanic area of South Central Los Angeles, Watts is a changing.  It is changing due to the efforts of those gang members.  It is changing for the better.  I have had many friends, and strangers alike tell me I was crazy for going there.  Why?  Because I am white.  Their fear was speaking.

Staying lost through most of my adventure to get there,  I found the people of Watts to be generous and helpful.  Race was not an issue.  Yes, we looked different, but inside we were and are the same.

At the end of the day, I’d made it to Watts Towers, had an adventure and most importantly met people of different cultures who were kind and willing to help a stranger.  Some people say I should have been afraid, I should have stayed in the safety of the hotel in Beverly Hills, but had I done that, I would have left LA with regrets.

For me, dying with regrets means I didn’t live.

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  1. love that you’re including your photos! and I think you’ve hit a great benefit of travel – it can encourage tolerance and can elicit the best in people — like with spiders, though, i would say not to be TOO trusting while traveling

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